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Distinguished Alumni


        Since 1971, the NDC has taught 8,374 students who come from 81 countries. Many government leaders such as Mr. Baron Waqa, President of Nauru, Mr. Sprent Dabwido, former President of Nauru, Mr. Stephenson King, former Prime Ministers of Saint Lucia, Mr. Lucio Gutiérrez, former President of Ecuador and Mr. Luis Castiglioni, former Vice President of Paraguay are NDC distinguished alumni. Meanwhile, there are more than 80 NDC graduates were appointed and nominated as minister or general officer by their governments.
        Until now, the ROC diplomatic officials always emphasize that NDC graduates contribute a lot to our diplomatic relations with receiving states, especially in Latin America. In recent years, the NDC graduates who come from Middle East, Caribbean Sea and Oceania region also made great efforts for our State Visit. The NDC alumni are solid cornerstone to ROC total diplomacy and international cooperation.