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        In Cold War era, socialist states kept expanding; late President Chiang Ching-kuo considered the importance of international cooperation in anti-communism missions then instructed Ministry of National Defense (MND) to designate budgeting for this purpose. By MND efforts, in 1971, the Foreign Officer Political Warfare Course (FOPWC) was established in Fu Shing Kang College (FHK).

        In June 1995, the FOPWC was deactivated duo to military mission downsizing and streamlining. In November the same year, considering the needs of total diplomacy, then-President Lee Teng-hui ordered MND to reconstitute the course and renamed it as National Development Course (NDC). The budget is designated by MND and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) respectively. The NDC faculties are in charge of curriculum management, facilities and reception. Through tutoring, courtesy call and visiting, The NDC assists students to comprehend ROC development. On 1st April 2012, under the guidance of Jintsui Program, The NDC and its staffs reassigned to National Defense University (NDU).